MP Czech investment

Our company’s goal is to offer the ability to buy or sell valuable investment real estate
properties, rental houses, industrial sites, malls, land, mills, hotels, and guest houses to
investors and other companies. MP CZECH INVESTMENT brings effective and creative
solutions in search of specific real estate properties based on requirements and ideas of our clients. We are the most logical choice for small and middle-sized investors and companies because we believe that they deserve the same professional attention that s traditionally given to larger companies. Because of our experience and our contacts we can offer opportunities that are usually inaccessible to the private investors or individual buyers. Our priority is to guide you through the entire real estate process with success and to gain your trust, which could lead to a long-term cooperation between you and us.

We arrange business between a partner and a client as a middleman. We specialize in real
estate in Southern Moravia, but we can find and arrange investment opportunities in the
entire Czech Republic and also conduct business in different parts of Europe. Our main focus is currently Italy. We offer primarily real estate that can be sold or leased to third parties. MP CZECH INVESTMENT specializes on helping companies, investors, organizations, towns, and cities to use their property more effectively. Our real estate professionals are ready to satisfy all your personal needs and requests. We understand that buying real estate in a foreign country can be everwhelming; however, our company is able to guide you smoothly through the whole process to the successful end. Naturally, we would provide you with free-of-charge consultations as well as answers to all questions you might have. We focus on jobs that nurture long-term cooperation and connection of our

How does this process work? Before getting started to search for investment property, you should determine what your criteria and ideas are for buying the property. There are lots of factors that affect the property value. We would advise you to purchase a real estate property at a time when one can expect increase of inflation or population in the location of the property. It is also smart to buy a property and make improvements to fully use the potential of the location and the property itself. Some real estate you buy because of prestige or because you expect increase of value. The purchase of real estate property in the Czech Republic is usually profitable and not very risky. For example, the city Brno is easily accessible from other important cities in the region (Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest), therefore it is strategically very important. Also, it is currently one of the fastest developing cities in Europe. Real estate prices in Brno are steady, that is why real estate investments opportunities in Brno are attractive for both our local and foreign clients. Our experience from our past business projects will be helpful when arranging new business opportunities.

In case you are interested in any of our business deals or specific services, please feel free to contact us any time. We will attend to all your individual needs. Our goal is to fulfill your visions.